"haha that picture of Mika is from their subgroup Popsicle's mv, 한여름날 눈이 내릴때까지 너를 사랑해 (I will love you until it snows in Summer)~~"
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oh, um, I mean I know where it’s from since I made the gif, I’m just not sure why I made it like that. orz

I’m not sure..what this is but here it is. 
so hay
hay teafug
fuck, i mean taefung
i know this is super late, but i wanted to wish you a happy birthday. i hope you were able to celebrate it nicely even though some shit is going down in the company you’re in. you deserve some happy times and although aging might not be the best, the cake makes up for it.
no really, it does. 
so good luck with getting old, and singing, and eating, and life. i’ll be here watching whatever stuff you put out and continue to say we’re the same person. 
Good morning~

people who complain about after school’s concept